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About Rod

Rod Quinn has been teaching drums for over 20 years, and he combines his experience from that time with the invaluable knowledge he has gained from working at the very top of the industry into lessons that give all his students a very broad drumming....more>>>


Learning and playing music should always be an enjoyable experience, and his classes are run in a very relaxed but informative atmosphere. All lessons are given on a private 1 to 1 basis, and last either 30 mins or 60 mins. Lessons can be...more>>>


Optional Grade Exams are available for those students who wish to follow that path. Rod teaches the "Rockschool” syllabus. Rockschool's accredited qualifications are recognised within the EU and are now part of the European Qualifications Framework...more>>>

Dublin Drum Lessons Rod Quinn

  • Over 20 Years Experience
  • Beginners Welcome
  • Relaxed and Informative Atmosphere
  • Private 1 on 1 Basis
  • Dublin Based Drum Lessons
  • Optional Grade Exams
  • Class Times: 30 or 60 Minutes
  • Rock Pop, Jazz, Funk, Country etc.
  • Sight Reading & Theory
  • Develop a Solid Grounding in Music